Is Plastic Surgery Causing You to Feel Depressed?

The vast majority of patients who undergo plastic surgery experience some level of sadness, usually in the first week or two after the procedure. This feeling, sometimes referred to as postoperative depression, is not abnormal and doesn't mean that anything is wrong. Post-surgical depression is common and can be minimized if patients are prepared for the possibility. It is very common for a person who has undergone major surgery, such as heart surgery, to feel depressed when the surgery is performed. Fewer people may feel depressed after a plastic surgery procedure, but this happens and is not abnormal.

It may be the result of the surgery itself, as it is always stressful and causes disorders in the nervous system; depression may be the way the brain reacts to all of this. Or maybe the swelling hasn't completely subsided yet and you're wondering what you've gotten yourself into. Why don't you look the way you thought you would?Before agreeing to a plastic surgery procedure, it's important to understand recovery time, potential side effects, limitations during the healing process, what to expect in terms of postoperative depression, and what your results will be. However, there are some people whose lives don't improve as well as they thought or have other circumstances that can lead them to fall into a state of depression after undergoing plastic surgery. The staff at Saber Plastic Surgery supports the HONcode initiative to improve the quality of medical and health information available on the world wide web.

Too many potential plastic surgery patients don't consider the emotional aspects of cosmetic surgery. The Southern New England Plastic Surgery Center wants to ensure that you are in good mental and physical health after surgery. Some level of depression will be normal after plastic surgery, but if you've almost completed the healing process and begin to feel physically like yourself, but the depression doesn't decrease, then it may be time to talk to a professional.

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